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"Hoot and Holler bridge the sometimes distant worlds of traditional bluegrass and old time music together. With one foot steeped in tradition and the other focused on fresh songwriting, Hoot and Holler are helping to further the narrative of American Roots music and introducing the traditions of our past to a whole new generation of listeners."

-Kris Truelsen, WBCM Radio Bristol


Brought together by a mutual love for American folk music, Amy Alvey (fiddle, guitar) and Mark Kilianski (guitar, banjo) have been entertaining audiences all over the U.S. with their tight duo sound since 2013. They call themselves Hoot and Holler as a nod to the “hootenanny” song gatherings during the folk revival of the 1960s, while also hinting at the infectious energy that occurs during a barn dance in the south. After cutting their teeth in Boston’s burgeoning roots music scene for two and a half years, they could not help but heed the call of the open road, and spent the better part of 2016 touring nationally while living in their camper van "Irene". Ever inspired by the enduring spirit of traditional Appalachian mountain music, they now call Asheville, North Carolina their home. Their songwriting comes across as simple, honest, and fresh to the ears. Both are Berklee College of Music alumni, and the listener can expect the polished technique of conservatory training, in tandem with the grit, drive, and soul of musicians like Roscoe Holcomb or Ola Belle Reed.

Hoot and Holler has shared a bill with the notable acts: Ricky Skaggs, Michael Daves, Red Tail Ring, The Revelers, The Brother Brothers,  The Steel Wheels, Tatiana Hargreaves, Roochie Toochie and The Ragtime Shepherd Kings, Charm City Junction, Twisted Pine, and Lula Wiles.


Milkers and Hollers - LP, September 2018

Reasons To Run - LP, February 2017

Is This Goodbye?/Slow and Steady - Singles, November 2015

Nothing If Not Young - EP, October 2014

Festival Resume:

Blackpot Festival in Lafayette, LA - October 2019

Omagh Festival in Northern Ireland - September 2019

South Carolina State Fiddler's Championship - September 2019

High Point Arts Festival - September 2019

Supertone Music Festival in Hudson, NY - July 2019

Major's Creek Folk Festival in New South Wales, AUS - November 2018

Kangaroo Valley Music Festival in New South Wales, AUS - October 2018

Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival in New South Wales, AUS - October 2018

Old Tone Music Festival in Hillsdale, NY - September 2018

Watermelon Park Bluegrass Festival in Berryville, VA - September 2018

Portland Old Time Gathering in Portland, OR - January 2018

Bellingham Folk Festival in Bellingham, WA - January 2018

Whispering Beard in Friendship, IN - August 2017

Blackpot Festival in Lafayette, LA - October 2016

4th Annual Americana Hootenanny in Cotuit, MA - September 2016

Bellingham Folk Festival in Bellingham, WA - January 2016

New Jersey Folk Festival in New Brunswick, NJ - April 2015

3rd Annual Americana Hootenanny in Cotuit, MA - August 2015

Bluegrass On the Bogs in Hanson, MA - May 2015

New England Americana Festival in Cambridge, MA - September 2014



2019- Second place band at Upper East Tennessee Fiddler's Convention

2019 - Second place Old Time Fiddle at Upper East Tennessee Fiddler's Convention

2018 - Third place Traditional Band at The Appalachian Stringband Festival (“Clifftop”)

2018 - Second place Old Time Fiddle at The Appalachian Stringband Festival (“Clifftop”)

2017 - First place band at the South Carolina State Fiddler’s Championship in Pickens, SC

2017 - Official Showcase Artists for the South East Regional Folk Alliance

2017 - Official Semi-Formal Showcase Artists for the North East Regional Folk Alliance

2017 - Fifth place fiddle at the Mount Airy Fiddler’s Convention, tenth place in Old Time Fiddle at the Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, VA

2016 - Scholarship recipients at the Augusta Heritage Center

2016 - Scholarship recipients at Blackpot Camp

2016 - Fourth place in Flatpicking guitar competition at the Mount Airy Fiddler’s Convention

2014 - Nominated in the BIG RED Nominees “Favorite Local Duo” by Red Line Roots


"I had only ever heard Amy and Mark play fiddle tunes, so I knew they had great instrumental and vocal skills. I'm the kind of guy that tends to listen only to traditional music, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I got a copy of their new CD. Surprise! I was delighted to discover that I really liked their original songs, too. Everything -- the instrumentals, vocals, songwriting, arrangements, and quality of recording -- is just wonderful. Congrats to Amy and Mark on a great new release."

-Brad Leftwich (Tom, Brad and Alice, Hogwire Stringband, The Humdingers)

"Hoot and Holler weave together timeless melodies and virtuosic playing with just enough scrappy energy to keep things from getting too precious. It's a fresh and distinctive blend that can only earned the hard way - through thousands of miles and hundreds of nights on the road." -Patrick Coman, WUMB's Local Folk


"Hoot and Holler delivers on their debut EP Nothing If Not Young. Grads of the Berklee College of Music, Mark Kilianski and Amy Alvey not only have top-notch chops, they've crafted a top-notch sound that's pleasantly refreshing...The soundscapes are rooted in Old-Time music but with a contemporary feel that keeps the songs fresh and exciting. In short, this is happy music played by happy people with feeling." -Brad Kolodner WAMU's Bluegrass Country


“Hoot and Holler takes the best of two separate fantastic artists and melds them into something that is even greater than the sum of their parts. The band’s roots dig deep into the hills of Appalachian folk tunes and fiddle driven melodies. They blend two voices and instruments harmonious in a way that is…for lack of better phrasing, perfect harmony. Simple and relatable, but the musicianship of both of these artists is anything but simple.” - Red Line Roots