How to Add Carbon to Steel

How to Add Carbon to Steel

What is Steel?

Steel is an alloy made from iron and alloy components at very high temperatures in their melted form. The most prevalent element included in steel is carbon. Even if different elements like manganese and chromium might be encompassed in iron while making steel, carbon is the most plentiful and inexpensive. Here is a closer look at steel plus how carbon is involved on the atomic level, in addition to steel’s qualities after the addition of carbon.

How to add carbon to steel

For ages, locksmiths have been capable of upsurging the quantity of carbon in steel bars by utilizing a harmer, coal, and forge. In several circumstances, they have likewise employed charcoal to attain similar results. To achieve that, the locksmiths dash coal and charcoal on an anvil before hammering it.

Likewise, it’s conceivable to mold a welded piece of low-carbon, carve it into stack, plus re-weld it until you acquire adequate layers. The smiths’ man might add carbon to steel or by purchasing and blending it with some high-carbon steel afore reconditioning it to realize a mixture that can be employed in knife making.

Unsuitably, this technique is costly since more resources are utilized to attain high carbon steel that essentially costs beneath the sum of cash used on fuel-employed resources.

The other way that can be utilized in how to add carbon to steel is by putting the wrought iron plus steeling it up inside the coal forge. It’s then folded, welded, and heated to force out the slag.

This is done several times until one acquires the looked-for results. This is usually a time-honored technique wherein steel was enclosed inside a refractory with carbon laden elements before they got heated for numerous hours.

Carbon is amid the most imperative components in whichever alloy. Whenever the carbon amount is increased, it upsurges the strength plus advances the hardness of the alloy. It likewise decreases weld-ability as it upturns brittleness.

In the melting procedure, carbon found inside coke acts as a reducing agent. After the iron is cast in a furnace, it makes it brittle and changes it into steel featuring the sought after properties.

In various situations like in the foundry utilization, carbon is incorporated by adding minerals containing carbon. Minerals like Ferromanganese, Ferrosilicon, and Ferro Iron could be employed contingent on the alloy one desires to make.

Carbon is usually added to steel in the second treatment. Whenever carbon loaded coal is directly added to steel and undergoes treatment, the outcome is steel with preferred hardness levels.

If carbon is integrated into steel, the steel will become stronger and harder. That is factual for any metal. Keep in mind that how strong or effective the metal becomes once carbon is added depends on several factors like the metal’s chemical effects, the amount of carbon that has been added, and lattice spacing.


Carbon steel is utilized in several ways in various sectors of the construction and automotive industry. Its main lure is the hard appearing fa├žade and a malleable interior. Carbon steel isn’t hard-enable, which implies a strong core and great exterior wear. It’s a significant constituent of the manufacturing industry, necessitating correct treatment and spot-on production methods!

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